New Bodylastics D.G.S. Anti-Snap

New Bodylastics D.G.S. Anti-Snap

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Since Bodylastics  began selling resistance bands systems, we have continually improved the product year after year.

Specifically, we have improved the design to address our customers #1 concern: snapping. Although the design of our bands had progressed to a point where snaps were very infrequent, we were not satisfied.

We began experimenting with different technologies that would make the chance of snapping an elastic almost impossible. After numerous prototypes and testing we found the design that solved the problem.

To prevent the number 1 cause of elastic snaps, overstretching. 

Bodylastics  is proud to introduce our Patented D.G.S. Anti-snap Technology.

D.G.S. stands for Distance Governor Safety and its purpose is to stop the band from stretching to a point where it will be come damaged and then eventually break/snap.

1. Bodylastics  D.G.S. Technology works by using a super strong “inner cord” that prevents a band from stretching beyond it’s capabilities.

2. This is no piece of yarn, the inner cord that lives inside of every Bodylastics band is braided material which has a minimal tensile strength of 150 lbs – that’s some serious stopping power!

3. The cord is about four times the length of every band and is securely attached at the ends.

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  • Mike Dumbfield says:

    Hello there, love the bodylastics anti-snap. Do you have discounted product this month?

    • Bodylastics Resistance Bands Reviewer says:

      Yes we do, select the country you want to buy from and then view and select the discount available. Thanks again. Home Gym Systems Team

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